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Biscotti exists to redefine the cannabis experience. Through continuous innovation and our commitment to tradition, we strive to create unique products for cannabis users across generations. We believe that quality should never be compromised. Our products are clean, organic, and sustainably produced at the highest-quality of standards.

We are a chemical-free and solvent-free cannabis concentrate company specializing in hash products. We are the largest commercial hash manufacturer in California and are poised to be the largest in the United States.


Never Compromise


Our extraction machines is the secret to our premium product. Ensuring we remain California’s first and only food grade approved non-volatile cannabis manufacturer we pride ourselves on our uncompromising dedication to reducing waste, delivering higher yields and producing a cleaner premium product.

Ice Wash02

Biscotti’s second step in the process is our unique ice and water extraction method. Allowing the water to flow through a full spectrum of bags ranging from 45 to 160 microns creates an industry leading potency and flavour without harsh chemicals used by others manufacturers.

Premium Product 03

Finally before any product is sent to market our entire team is dedicated to creating a unique consumer experience. The Biscotti Italian culture inspires all our high quality cannabis products right down to the sophisticated packaging. Biscotti users medicate with class.

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